Dear ticket holders for Great Bowls of Fire:

Thank you for supporting our annual fundraising event for the Ottawa Food Bank (OFB). Unfortunately, with the evolving COVID-19 situation, we were forced to cancel. We look forward to hosting it again next year and hope to see you there.

Last year, this event raised more than $13, 000 for the OFB. This is money they need now more than ever. The urgent need to contain the spread of COVID-19 is also creating an urgent need in our community for the services of food banks.

The bakeries, restaurants and potters that make this event happen will also need your support in the coming weeks and months. Please support them.

If you bought a ticket on Eventbrite - please check your email. A message has been sent out through Eventbrite with details about your refund and a link for donations to the Ottawa Food Bank.

If you have a paper ticket - please take a photo or scan your ticket(s) with the corner folded over to show the number of the ticket on the back and email the image to  We will refund you the price of your ticket but we also ask you to consider foregoing the refund and allowing us to donate that money to the Ottawa Food Bank. Please indicate in your email which option - refund or donation, you have chosen. For refunds, please include the email address that we can send an email transfer to or, if you prefer a cheque, what physical address we should use. If you prefer, you can also mail your ticket(s) indicating your preferred option to:  Ottawa Guild of Potters, c/o 36 Gilchrist Ave., Ottawa  ON  K1Y 0M6

To help us finalize the financial details of cancelling the event, we would appreciate hearing from you before the end of our fiscal year - March 31st.

Take good care and look after each other,

Amy Bell


Ottawa Guild of Potters


Thank you to our wonderful bakeries and restaurants for supporting this event:


Supporting the Ottawa Food Bank

Supporting us ....

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