André Breau

André Breau
Rockland, ON
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André Breau


I am a self-taught sculptor with many years of experience in sculpting. My expertise is in relief sculpting where I strive to create pieces with perspective, depth, light and shadow. In the latest year I have explore underglazes and opted to pursue clay sculpting where I can incorporate colours to my sculpting. Many of his clay tiles includes painting and relief sculptures. While working with various types of clay I developed by hazard a remarkable marble clay enabling me to produced a unique collection of vases and chickens. I also teach sculpting and painting at the Ottawa School of Art and the Gloucester Pottery School .

Artist Statement

Ceramics are mysterious, most of the time when you are looking at a painting, even if you are not a painter, you can tell how the artist created the image on the canvas. However, when it comes to work with clay, which is an unstable material, the drying and the firing process, will determine the final result. The use of underglazes as a paint medium is quite challenging and the final colours are also only determined after firing, thus resulting in the creation of unique art pieces. This uniqueness is an extremely desirable quality to offer to the art and pottery world. Clay provides a material where painting and sculpting can marry itself very well to tiles, vases and three dimensional sculpting.

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