Carolynne Pynn-Trudeau

Pynn-Trudeau Pottery

The Glebe
Ottawa, Ontario

(613) 233-9455

Visitors welcome, studio hours by appointment.
Please visit my site or contact me if you are interested in purchasing any of my work



Teachers' training in the 1960s, to Fine Arts degree leading to full time apprenticeship in the 1970s. Moved to Ottawa and became involved with several galleries, co-operative studios, and teaching contracts; married Hugh and started a family in the1980s. Continued with galleries and teaching, developing my home studio practice in the 1990s. More of the same in the 2000s. Family flew the coop, provided grandchildren, Hugh and I moved to smaller home but bigger studio 2010s. So far the 2020s have been just weird.

Artist Statement

I love working in clay. I love playing with materials, and am frequently humbled by what I don't know. Every 'mistake' provides an opportunity to follow a new path, and each new path provides the potential for many mistakes. This means that styles evolve, or sometimes just burst into existence, and that I need never be bored.
Furthermore, my students at all levels present me with myriad challenges, and that means I can't slack off. There is SO MUCH to learn.

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