Isobel Salole

Gladstone Clayworks Cooperative
2-49 Fairmont Ave
Ottawa, Ontario   K1Y 1X4

(613) 798-9748


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Originally from London, England, Isobel Salole has been a member of Gladstone Clayworks Co-operative in Ottawa for the last ten years. This stimulating and fun workplace is where she creates her mainly hand-built and sculptural work. Prior to working with clay her interest was in painting. Now, she finds the enjoyment of working with different clay bodies and surface techniques, not only a pleasure but a source of endless possibilities. The pieces she creates can be either functional, mostly planters and vases, or sculptural. The sculptural pieces invariably have a story to tell but also invite the viewer to offer their own interpretation. Her inspiration comes not only from nature but life as it can be found in all its manifestations.


Artist's Statement

I love exploring the many avenues that ceramics has to offer. My particular interest has been focused on using black clay, its silky feel and the fired finish look of iron ore, in particular for my sculptural work. More recently, I have been experimenting with the use of decoration and surface texture to enhance my pieces. I make hand built sculptural and functional pieces with occasional use of the wheel to throw certain forms.

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