Johanna Jansen


Johanna Jansen Ceramics
Kemptville, ON


Johanna Jansen is a visual artist currently working with clay as her medium.  She is an Alumni of Carleton University (MA) and the University of Calgary (BFA). She was raised in Western Canada and has been influenced heavily by the environmental concerns caused by farming, the development of the oil sands and urban living.

She has participated in the Annual Ottawa Guild of Potters juried exhibition and been awarded Best in Show (2011), and Honorable Mention, and Best Expression (2018).  She was also an active participant in the Ottawa Guild of Potters 'Populace' outdoor art installation in 2017.

Her work can be found at The Riverguild, Perth, ON; The Grotto, Merrrickville, ON; Rothwell Gallery, Ottawa, ON and at her home studio in Kemptville, Ottawa, ON.  

Artist Statement

Earth, Water, Fire, Air - Four elements involved in creation. There is always a relationship between an object, its function, and the experience that function generates. My current creative point of departure is informed by the impermanence of everything - whether that be nature or socially imposed structures. 

I allow the immediacy of unforeseen outside influences - smoke, wind, fire to affect and change my initial concepts. I feel that clay allows conceptual and intuitive components to influence the piece during each formative stage.  My firing processes include various types of low-fired raku; saggar - a variation of pit firing, raku, naked raku and horsehair raku. 

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