Joanna Richardson

Amblyand Pottery
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Joanna is an Ottawa-based potter with ties to both the Canadian East and West. She holds a Bachelor of Honours in Cultural Studies from Trent University, and in 2019 graduated with honours from the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design's Fine Craft Ceramics program. Joanna was the Ceramics Practicum at the Banff Centre, a year-long position that was unfortunately cut short during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic.

Joanna has received the Governor General Academic Medal, the Duffie Crowell Award, and the Heather Stone Emerging Artist Award. Her work has been shown in galleries around New Brunswick.


Artist Statement  


I enjoy making functional work that, at first glance, seems simple and restrained. I invite the user to look closer, to see the subtlety of the glazes, the richness of the clay body, hidden details in the work, and to feel the balance of the pot in their hands.

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