Jordan Danger

Danger Creative

Ottawa, Ontario

(613) 880-4754
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Jordan Danger is a Canadian artist who has been creating, exhibiting, and selling her works for two decades. Her mantra is simple: art should be everywhere. This means that Jordan has worked in multiple media—everything from animation to ceramics to design—in a lifelong mission to see art in every home, every office, every street, and every corner of the world.


  • To ban the blank white or concrete wall.
  • To make art accessible, inviting, and understandable.
  • To blur the line between commercial art, professional art, and craft.
  • To guide others through their relationship with art.

Artist Statement

Long ago in a classroom somewhere, I etched a note to myself on a wooden easel: “Art should be everywhere”. This quickly became my mantra and has guided my exploration of media, subject, and form until this very day.
Born in British Columbia to a family that is primarily Nova Scotian, I have strong ties to the oceans. I strive to create pieces that will incite a love affair between the beholder and the subject. If I can create a piece that someone wants to touch or talk to everyday, I have achieved my goal. I like to cross the line between craft (which is typically functional) and art (which is typically untouchable), and find a middle ground where the work is expertly executed, but the end product is approachable. If a person can appreciate how precious a ceramic cephalopod is, they can learn to appreciate how precious the original animal is.

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