Karen Kurtzrock

Klay Kreations
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Artist's Statement

When I first was introduced to clay I never imagined it would become a life long passion. As a maker of pottery it offers endless possibilities in terms of form and surface treatment. I am interested in the process of making, drawn to the tactile nature of the material.  I have always viewed myself as a functional potter but over the recent years I have explored  making non functional pieces.

Notions of beauty are personal formed by cultural and societal trends. My work spans both traditional and whimsical more about the moment, the gesture.  I like to experiment whether it be with different forms , decorating techniques, clay bodies or glazes.  Working through ideas in series and moving on to the next keeps me engaged.

I believe in the beauty of handmade objects. They have a unique history and can evoke a moment a connection. My intention and hope is to create those moments and to connect the maker to the user.


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