Lucy Willemsen


 Lucy is a multimedia artist who has worked with wood, leather, paint, sculpture and various other textiles over the past 42 years. In the fall of 2018 Lucy discovered her true calling after taking a beginners class in clay. She wanted to make birch bark pottery.

Since then she thrown herself into learning the art form and has built a home pottery studio where she creates day and many a night! 

Lucy’s home beside the lake and in the forest of rural Val des Monts, Quebec with its natural landscape inspires many of her clay creations both on the wheel and hand built. Her striking birch bark series being the clearest example of this. 

Lucy is a renowned wood carving artist and has adopted many of these specific skills in order to create natural shapes and textures in her pottery. While Lucy loves working to achieve realistic nature-inspired creations, she also has fun playing with colour and the challenge of commissioned works.

When she isn’t in her pottery studio, Lucy enjoys spending time with her husband Dwight, their animals, doing maintenance, gardening, trail blazing or cooking up a storm. 


Artist Statement

Artists Statement

For the Love of Birch Bark and Natures Creatures

Did I say I love birch bark…I began my love affair with real birch bark years ago, well before I began my clay journey.  I love the look and all the variations of it.

I work with both stoneware and porcelain which I throw on the potters wheel. I will then often alter them well as hand build. 

My work is fired to either a cone 5 or 6 and is microwave and dishwasher safe unless otherwise stated.

I started working clay in 2018 with the purpose of making pottery that looked like birch bark.  This took time, from there I began to add birds and animals creating little works of art combined with functionality. This is my theme for a lot of my work.

I also love colour and add some of my favourite glaze combinations to my works.

Having worked in various mediums my whole life I find I can meld all that I have learned and more with clay. I am mostly self taught with a few classes to get me started, then a lot of experimentation along with some online videos. 

I constantly dream up new ideas to try, the ideas are endless.

My work invites you to touch and smile and I hope it brings you as much enjoyment as it did with me creating it

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