Erin Ryan Morgan

ERM Pottery Studio

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I have been throwing pots on the wheel for over 15 years and focus primarily on functional pieces, but love to add a touch of seasonal whimsy. I am influenced by all those potters who have gone before me.

Artist's Statement

I am a ceramic artist.  I strive to make pieces that are beautiful to look at and delightful to use.  I also like to make playful pieces that bring a smile.  I have always been interested in the arts, but ceramics have become my canvas as an artist.  I love the feeling of taking a piece of clay and transforming it into something beautiful and functional.

I love when I watch people spend time looking at my pieces, searching for a piece that speaks to them.  They pick it up, touch it, and try and imagine it in their life.  That gives me pleasure.   I watch them consider whether it fits in their life, for themselves or as a gift, and I am satisfied…even if they don’t take it home.

I love making vessels, bowls, carafes, cups.   They can be practical and functional or decorative.  They are optimist, full of promise, whether empty or full. I love making enclosed forms that can be shaped and altered to suit my design.  I focus on the design, the form, the volume, the surface in all my pieces.  Texture and colour are also important to me.  I choose my palette based on the seasons, choosing light, bright colours for the warmer seasons, and darker, warmer colours for winter.  I am influenced by Asian ceramics, by simple mid-century styles, by clean contemporary styles and by all the pottery that has come before.   As Oscar Wilde said “Imitation is the Sincerest form of flattery…”


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