Membership is open all-year round to everyone interested in the clay arts.  

For more than 40 years the Ottawa Guild of Potters has connected clay enthusiasts of all levels and interest.

What is a Guild?  

A Guild is an association of craftspeople or artisans that is formed to share a common interest.  

Benefits & Opportunities of Membership


  • Library containing extensive resources including magazine subscriptions and DVDs;
  • Workshops on different techniques which are taught by the very best practitioner of that method of working, usually a craftsman of local, national or international status;
  • Guest speakers at monthly meetings

Marketing & Sales

  • Opportunity to sell your work twice a year; spring & fall, at the Horticulture Building (Lansdowne Park)
  • Opportunity to showcase their work: in Guild Exhibitions; and in the Members’ Gallery on the website;
  • The Guild is engaged in social networking with Facebook and Twitter



  • Opportunity to meet with knowledgeable and friendly members at the monthly meetings;
  • Opportunity to access a strong knowledge base that offers support and guidance on any topic related to ceramics, using the email discussion list;
  • Opportunity to share notices and invitations to openings and events among the membership using the email broadcast list, website, Facebook and Twitter.

Apply  Now

Apply for membership here:    MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION

Questions or further information contact

Apply  Now

Here is the membership form:        Membership application for web2020-21

Download the above fillable PDF form.     NOTE:  Some web browsers ask you where to save the file.  Others will open the PDF in a new web window and there is usually something like a download icon   or a save icon    in the upper right corner of the browser window that you can use to save the file  ... just make sure you remember where you saved it! 

 To Apply Online

  1. Complete the fillable PDF form above and E-mail the completed form to  
  2.  Submit payment via Interac E-trasfer [see next window]   - or -  send a cheque to the address indicated on the form  - or -   bring payment with you to your first meeting.

 To Apply By Mail

  1. Print out and complete the form,
  2. Send it along with your cheque to the address indicated on the form  - or -  bring it with you to your first meeting.

  Questions or further information contact

Payments to the Guild


Payments to the Guild can be made by cheque or by electronic funds transfer.

For electronic funds transfer (EFT):  
  • Use your financial institution's online or mobile banking and navigate to their “Interac e-Transfer Send Money” screen. 
  • Use “Ottawa Guild of Potters” as contact name and "" as contact e-mail.
  • NOTE:  The Guild only supports “Interac e-Transfer Send Money” for EFT and does NOT support the use of any other electronic funds transfer (e.g. no Paypal)
For payment by cheque:  
  • Please make cheque payable to "The Ottawa Guild of Potters"
  • Mail cheque to    The Ottawa Guild of Potters;   PO Box 14013 Glebe RPO;    Ottawa, ON K1S 3T2

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