On two occasions each year, the Ottawa Guild of Potters offers you the opportunity to display and sell your wares.
Both sales are held in the Horticulture Building at Lansdowne Park.   The spring sale takes place in May and the fall sale is held in December.

 Did you know:

  • The Sale Handbook has everything you need to know about participating in the sale. It can be found on the OGP website/Members/Sale/ tab under "Current/Upcoming Sale".
  • The sale's Application Form is an e-form available under that same "Current/Upcoming Sale".    It will be only be available during the application window.
  • Your inventory sheet is also available under "Current/Upcoming Sale".  It can be handwritten or completed electronically.
  • There will be a commission calculated after all expenses are submitted. Income from table fees minus supply expenses plus $2000 retained for the next sale's deposit on the Horticulture building rental will be prorated as your commission.
  • The sale is a cooperative event and requires participants to be available and prepared to work over the event period.
  • Participants are assigned approximately 3-4 three hour shifts over the course of the weekend. Shift descriptions are available and should be reviewed prior to the sale at the "Current/Upcoming Sale" menu item.
  • Participants will be assigned a general job involving the preparation of the sale (set up, tear down, equipment pick up at storage etc).
  • There is a centralized cash/check out, which means you will not have to be present at your booth for the whole weekend.
  • Sales run over 3 days, Friday til Sunday.
  • If you are Harmonized Sale Tax (HST) registered, you are responsible to remit the tax collected against your sales. NOTE: You must earn $30,000+ to remit HST.
  • Participants will be responsible for tagging each piece of pottery to identify their pieces and the price prior to the event. All labelling details are listed in the Sale Handbook.
  • Social media is our primary promotional tool for the event. Current pictures of the pieces that will be in the sale should be provided. We will try to use them in advertising.
  • Sharing the sale event on your social media is really encouraged and helps all participants.  You can use the "Share this page via:" social link at the bottom left of the sale's web page.
  • Our Standards committee will inspect the work to be sold and will pull pieces that are not to guild standards.
  • In addition, our Standards committee will check your labelling to ensure the correct format has been used.
  • The Spring Sale also hosts our annual Exhibition. This is a juried event open to all members of the guild.

Come out to our Sale Events. It’s lots of fun catching up with fellow guild members …. it’s all about pottery!



Spring Sale dates on HOLD for the OGP are May 6-8, 2022

Holiday Sale dates on HOLD for the OGP are Dec 9-11, 2022

Contact / Contactez :  sale@ottawaguildofpotters.ca

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