Head Planter

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Karen Kurtzrock

Head Planter


I am intrigued by the human form, faces, expressions and hands. This work includes those elements. When making this I was inspired the drawings of Kathe Kollwitz having seen them last year in Berlin. There is another worldliness to the expression which grew as I worked the piece. I kept the color palette to a minimum except the iris. A nod to function and perhaps to counter the eeriness I've placed a green plant inside.
Stoneware clay oxidation with iron oxide wash and then painted on glaze. Fired to cone 6.
Height 6 inches width 5 inches weight with plant approximately 5 pounds.
Not to be left outside in winter

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Artist's Statement

I work in clay as I'm drawn to its malleability and endless possibilities. I have always considered myself a functional potter thus I tend to incorporate function into my sculptural work. I am intrigued by the human form, as well as the interplay of multiple pieces when building larger work. The process of play can lead to unintended consequences pushing me into new directions. I find working with clay a never-ending challenge and a source of joy. My work is intended to be playful and whimsical, and to bring an element of discovery to the viewer.
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Photos by Rajeev Nath & Artist
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