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Best Decorated  

Juror's Comment:  "These plates are abundant in detail, story and colour, and yet manage not to overwhejm the viewer. Instead one is placed in quiet contemplation of nature's glory and the exquisite craft work of the artist."

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Jocelyn Jenkins



This is a set of four plates, each with a different local moth shown as a caterpillar on the back and an adult moth on the front.
Cone 6 Porcelaneous stoneware, sgraffito through black slip with various glazes and underglazes.
Each plate is about 1.2 x 7.25 x 7.25 inches 1 lb 2 oz

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Artist's Statement

I enjoy drawing on a ceramic surface, knowing that it will be held and moved around. The casual contact that we have with a mug or a plate, is a dimension that is wholly absent with paintings we hang on walls. Functional ceramics, no matter how decorative, invite you to touch them.

On a three-dimensional form, the placement of the images lets the user choose their own point of view and viewing distance. Encouraging this play, is what makes drawing on ceramic surfaces so interesting to me. I love the idea that I put the piece out there but what it is used for and how it is interpreted are out of my hands... and literally in someone else's.

I live and work in Ontario, but my roots are in the Maritimes. Both places furnish a wealth of natural images that repeat throughout my ceramic work. In the months since March of this year I have found myself turning to images that speak to me of comfort and of freedom. I have had the time to look more closely at my world which has constricted around me, but which still offers images and inspiration that are comforting in uncertain times. At the same time, the ideas of flight and motion are tantalizing. Moths freed from the cocoon, seals and whales in an endless sea…there was never a better time to live vicariously and play with images that are restorative.

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Photos by Rajeev Nath
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