Lidded Jar

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Sarah Hand

Lidded Jar


With this piece I have chosen two glazes to enhance the shape of the jar. The glaze at the top has bronze highlights which enhance the mat green glaze at the bottom. The inside glaze is food safe with a smooth glossy finish to enable easy cleaning.
Cone 6 Stoneware, oxidization.
1425 grams , 19cm high x 20cm wide from handle to handle.

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Artist's Statement

I explore different techniques and styles to create a variety of decorative and functional pottery. A distinguishing feature of my pieces is my use of colour, which is obtained by the use of either coloured clay or coloured glazes. For my coloured clay pieces, mostly hand built, the clay itself is coloured by adding coloured powder to the clay before it is shaped, glazed and fired. For my coloured glaze pieces, generally thrown on the potter’s wheel, the clay is white when it is shaped but the pieces are dipped in or sprayed with coloured glaze before they are fired.

My eye is drawn to clean lines, geometric patterns and simple yet pleasing designs. I aim to create pieces that are like puzzles, inviting the viewer to work out how the designs and colour combinations were created. I enjoy creating beauty out of the natural characteristics of clay and glaze.

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Photos by Rajeev Nath
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