What Do We Carry?

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Best Expression  

Juror's Comment:  "Grounded and resilent, the figure is naked but not exposed. The piece exemplifies a nuanced and sophisticated exploration of the female form. A scupture to spend time with."

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Iris Arnon

What Do We Carry?


This figurative piece invites contemplation about that which we choose to hold on to and that which we choose to let go.
Stoneware with slips, oxide and underglazes
Sculpted from a solid block of clay then cut and hollowed out.
H 15" W 7" D 6"
weight 6.5 lbs

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Artist's Statement

My work explores form and surface. I hand build sculptural ceramic pieces in an expressive style. Many of my works are figurative, but even those that are not often feel gestural and voluptuous. I have a passion for the material and the handbuilding process. I work intuitively while creating pieces, responding to the form as it emerges.
I often explore tensions – historic vs modern, inner vs outer, visible vs hidden and thus contrasts are evident in my work – elegant forms with rough, rustic surfaces.

In addition to ceramic work, I paint with mixed media on Mylar. This work is also expressive and gestural, often figurative.

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Photos by Rajeev Nath
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