Sea Urchins

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Bilgin Buberoglu

Sea Urchins


This is a set of 3 sea urchins of different sizes. They are not meant to be functional pots. Spine roots patterns are after sea urchins found in the Mediterranean.
Made of Tucker's MCS Cone 6 porcelain. Each one is thrown on the wheel, trimmed and spine roots are created with slip of the same clay body. Bisque fired to Cone 06 and glaze fired to Cone 6.
Their diameters are 7 cm, 9.5 cm and 12 cm, and their heights are 5.5, 6.5 and 7 cm respectively. Their weights are 160 gr, 250 gr and 475 gr respectively.

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Artist's Statement

I try to observe and replicate natural objects and living creatures in my art work, with my own interpretation of the chosen subject. I try to capture the intricate details and more importantly the harmony of such details. In my mind the harmony is essence of the universe and hence of my art work.

I mostly use porcelain-clay in my art works. I do true 3 dimensional pieces, mostly as ‘thrown and altered’ or ‘thrown and decorated’ pieces, and sometimes I do also ‘hand-built’ pieces. Besides the 3 dimensional work, I also do 2+ dimensional work which I define as ceramic pieces that you can hang on your wall with or without a frame.

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Photos by Rajeev Nath
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