Pure Bloom

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Ileana Tierney

Pure Bloom


Inspired by the beauty of delicate flowers in bloom. The whiteness of the clay combined with the intricate carving represents the fragility and ethereal nature of flowers. The soft teal interior glows inviting the viewer to look inside, similar to flowers attracting birds and bees.
Carved on the upper edges, sides, and bottom of the piece. White clay unglazed on the exterior with interior soft teal glaze. Cone 6 porcelaneous stoneware.

5.5" H x 12" W x 12"D
3 lb 4 oz.


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Artist's Statement

Clay, my medium of choice, vibrates with life and is adaptable to change in shape, texture, form, and function. With this adaptability and a passion for detail, I form, sculpt, alter, carve, illustrate, and paint. Making pieces that can provide beauty, and function in daily life, from making a home, to preparing and serving a meal, is an honour.

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Photos by Rajeev Nath and artist
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