VE 2020 – Gorilla My Dreams

EACH ACCEPTED ITEM WILL HAVE ITS OWN PAGE        xxx Photos of each piece will be supplied by Raj      BE OPEN TO: JUROR ONLY Nov 28, 29, 30   anonymized view ( no artist name, statement or contact info) for V2 and V3 scenarios form (1) selection of show pieces and (2) choosing award winners.         
BE OPEN TO: PUBLIC on Opening Day, following awards ceremony with all information showing.


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Colette Beardall
Gorilla, 2018
Sculpture in Clay

Represents the head of a great gorilla.  Resistant to the weather.

Best in Show

Sponsored by:  Pottery Supply House, Tucker's Pottery Supplies and Populace

Juror's Comment:   "Elegantly rendered with detail and feeling."

Artist's Statement

For me working with clay as my medium brings me moments of reflection and focus. Clay is fraught with similar difficulties in bringing a piece to “life”. It begins as soft and malleable and turns unchangeable by the fires it is subjected to. I find a simile of life in the material I work with.
In psychological terms, animals bring out in humans a sense of wonder, awe, and of protection. Unless, of course, you work in the field of animal protection or rescue. Then the large risk of empathy burnout and rescue fatigue is a constant battle. The battle will never be over. But in my small way of bringing attention and my financial contribution of a percentage of all my sales to various animal rescues, I hope my conscience will be at rest and I will have taught my children about the importance of giving a voice to the voiceless among us.

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